Build An MVP

Theodo’s methodology, training and tooling are built around the lean startup mentality. Every product we build, regardless of stage or funding, goes through a rigorous strategic planning period to isolate which features are critical to early adoption in the market place.


Theodo’s MVP Methodology


Focus on Critical Assumptions

We take a scientific approach to MVP building. The challenge isn't to create a simplified version of your final product. It’s to gather valuable insights about your product vision through user testing and analysis.


The Right Framework For Your Project

We lay a strong foundation first and foremost. Consulting with you, we determine the best technologies and architecture for your unique project. This sets the stage for long-term growth as we integrate with your team and share our expertise.


Get Up and Running Quickly

We act fast. Your team will have a preliminary version of the MVP in production within the first week. This eliminates unnecessary speculation, reduces project risk, and jumpstarts intelligence gathering.


Making the Right Investment

We emphasize investing only what is rational at this stage of the product life cycle. There are no extraneous fees or costs. From the outset, we establish a closing date for the project to avoid scope creep and costly development.

aligningAligning Our Teams
Development projects fail without a strategic alignment of teams during discovery.

To build an MVP that has a positive impact on a business’s bottom-line, features need to be mapped to the value they provide to a company’s customers. 

Our development team understands your business and gets to know your customers before coding a single feature. This step lays the foundation for long-term success.You have dozens of stakeholders who need real-time updates on progress. We developed Splane to solve this transparency problem.

onboardingStreamlining Onboarding
Onboarding a new team to build an MVP can be time-consuming and difficult to get up and running quickly.

Building an MVP requires acting fast. Niche products and agile companies are being launched every day. Technology is as competitive an industry as there is.

Theodo knows what it takes to get onboarded, set goals and to begin making progress on Day 1. Your dedicated team will help you get to market before your competitors by communicating clearly and meeting deadlines. 

There is often a significant amount of time spent on setting up environments & building non-business specific feature development that slows time-to-market for MVPs. We developed Forge to focus on what matters more quickly than other agencies.


Innovating With You
Working with inflexible, non-creative, production-heavy development teams is too common in our industry.

A minimum viable product is likely to flounder in the marketplace unless it is solving a problem that other products haven’t addressed. Developing new solutions to existing problems requires innovation. 

Theodo develops innovative solutions to solve complex problems as evidenced by our own proprietary tooling.

Going from idea to design to staging to production can take months if not years. We developed Overlay to automatically generate code and enhance the mockup to production workflow.

Get an impactful MVP built quickly.