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Our areas of expertise:

 banks & fintech   |  insurance & insurtech

retail & e-commerce  |  sustainability & logistics

Fintech startups & banks

Asset Management
bnp-asset socgen candriam

Thanks to Theodo...

… traders are able to configure and start on their own the computation servers they need, without going through IT.

… wealth advisors offer their clients investment strategies that match their risk profile.

… a bank's team of developers use a library of shared components to deliver complex new applications faster.

… wealth advisors prepare their client appointments by asking their questions about funds in natural language to a chatbot who answers them in real time.

Insurance corporates & insurtech

admiral assurance-vie-com

Thanks to Theodo...

… when you borrow a friend's car for a couple of hours or days, you can purchase an insurance cover in just 2 minutes.

… SME managers have instant access to collection insurance quotes per customer on a dedicated platform.

Retail & e-commerce


Thanks to Theodo...

… opticians of a large franchise order contact lenses from a central web platform.

… architects no longer need to go through a call center to order flooring samples.

… a retailer's professional customers can find relevant information in the documentation of thousands of products via a search engine.

… architects receive automatic suggestions on carpets that match the photo of the interior they are designing.

Sustainability & logistics

Transport 2
michelin safran suez renault

Thanks to Theodo...

… a tire manufacturer can track in real time the routing of its containers around the world and commit to its customers on a delivery date.

… airline pilots understand their errors and improve flight safety.

… the quality of aircraft crash investigations increased.

… airline pilots save fuel by optimising their flight plans.