Why we Chose Node.js as an Agency

Since its release in 2009, Node.js has seen a large adoption across all industries. It allows technical teams to build applications with only one language across the whole technical stack: JavaScript. As an agency, we often choose to create products for our clients with Node.js. Having one technology across the whole stack translates into easier recruitment when your company grows.

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Lower Costs and Easier Integrations

The total cost of ownership of a Serverless architecture is significantly less than traditional approaches. This is not just the reduction in the cost of running servers, it's the reduction operations having to be done internally, with more offloaded to the cloud provider.

The need for provisioning, patching & maintenance tasks is eliminated, allowing us to focus our energy on delivering features to your users.

Serverless architectures integrate easily with SaaS and off-the-shelf solutions to common business requirement such as Authentication, Payment Processing, and Notification Systems. This allows your team to focus on your unique business features.

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Why Node.js might be the right pick for your product

Concurrency and throughput

Node.js' approach allows us to write a server which can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent users on relatively modest hardware. With Node.js, we don't have to to worry about the multi-threading issues that plague non-event-driven systems. This ensures highly performant real-time web applications with high connectivity.

Large community and ecosystem

Node.js packages exist for almost any technology that it can interface with. There are over 250,000 modules on npm (node packager manager), many of them downloaded more than 100,000 times per day. This means that we don't need to waste time building support for other tools and can focus on business problems, while being confident that the modules are heavily used and tested. Node.js renders rapid, effective development of complex applications.

Get started quickly

There is little boilerplate in a Node.js server, so we can start working on features rapidly. The great performance of Node.js comes out-of-the-box rather than requiring a lot of tweaking. The ecosystem has had time to mature and there now are several frameworks that allow you to effectively build scalable, complex applications.

"The three big reasons we decided to go with Node.js at Netflix is that one, JavaScript is really the Lingua Franca of the web today. Folks already know the language and that makes it easy for them to learn the runtime. Secondly, Node.js is extremely performant. And lastly, it’s really about the modules ecosystem. We don’t want to have to invest in reinventing the wheel every time and so, if there is a great suite of modules that help us get our work done, that’s a huge point for us."

Yunong Xiao, Principal Software Engineer at Netflix

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