React Native

Developed by Facebook, React Native is the fastest way to build cross-platform mobile apps. AirBnB, Instagram and Uber Eats agree.

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Why Use Theodo for React Native Development?

We build top-rated, state-of-the-art native apps for both platforms in record time. We started developing React Native apps just six months after Facebook first released the technology.

As we work embedded with our clients, we have a lot of experience in training and upscaling internal technical teams and their developers to ensure they are autonomous when we leave.

Veygo, Smarkets and are examples of clients we have successfully helped upskill their React-Native developers.

Why Use React Native

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Looks and Feels Like a Native App

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook to accelerate their mobile app development teams. A React Native app has the same look and feel as a native app while keeping web-like development speed and flexibility. An app can therefore be developed and then deployed faster on both Android and iOS without any sacrifice in performance or UX.

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Fast Development

In practice, this means that developers work on a single codebase. This makes app development much faster: an average of 30% time is saved on the development and maintenance of Android and iOS apps.

Ease of Adding Features

React Native is based on the React framework which is simple and modular. The native UI building blocks that it uses can be interchanged and reused, allowing us to easily iterate on the product without costly refactoring.

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Vivian Qu

Software Engineer at Pinterest

"React Native enables us to share code between platforms. Code sharing not only means implementation time can be saved, it also reduces the cognitive overhead of sharing context when you need multiple platform-specific engineers working on the same feature. In other words, less time is required for standups and meetings, as well as fewer inconsistencies between the platforms."
Vivian Qu

Software Engineer at Pinterest

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