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Why use Theodo for React Native development?

React Native allows us to build look-and-feel native applications with many of the development advantages of the web.

Applications built in React Native require a single source code but work across Android and iOS. This means total development time can be up to 30% less than building the applications independently. It also has the added advantage of similarities with React meaning you can have one team capable of developing for web and mobile. 

As an agency, we started developing applications in React Native just six months after Facebook first released the technology. We’re so enthused by it that we run the React Native London Meetup, the biggest React Native meetup in the United Kingdom and are actively involved in the New York Meetup.

Why we love React Native

Looks and feels like a native app

React Native uses the same building blocks that native apps use. This means that you get to take advantage of Google and Apple’s hard work whilst working from a single source code.

Fast development

A single codebase for multiple platforms reduces your time to market. React Native has automatic reloading and debugging tools built into it which allow a smoother workflow.

Ease of adding features

React Native breaks applications into components and uses a single flow of data. This leads to predictable and testable modular pieces which can be interchanged and reused. Basically, React Native was designed for developer happiness!

Great development tooling

With  Microsoft App Center, you can easily manage your deployments to both iOS and Android's app stores. It also allows you to deploy bug-fixes in no time, without having to wait for the store's approval.

made-com-screenshot-small's app creation

We helped build their mobile application with React Native.

With a total funding of almost $140M but an aging technical stack, they needed their old application and website revamped. We helped do this by adopting React for the website and React Native for the app. This enabled us to reuse business logic between the web and mobile apps.