How Theodo used Symfony for

The existing Matchpint website was based on PHP, so using Symfony allowed us to reuse parts of the code while giving us a firmer basis to build on, a huge selection of components to use and added security, at the same time improving the performance.

We also built a custom CRM based on the open-source OroCRM Symfony project which allowed them to move their mostly manual invoicing and customer management to an automated one.

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Why we like Symfony?


Symfony is used by internet giants such as Spotify, Yahoo, BBC - and us. It's also the basis of well known web projects such as Drupal and Laravel. Symfony allows you to use as many or as few components that you need, so there's space for it in pretty much any PHP project.


Symfony3 answers the needs of the largest web projects by offering three core features: service-oriented architecture for greater scalability and easier continuous testing, optimal performances with a Varnish-compatible HTTP caching system, and high-level security, protecting against standard attacks automatically.


Symfony is backed by an active and passionate community of over 300,000 developers from more than 120 countries. This support allows it to constantly improve, giving your web application all the technical guidance it needs.

The Benefits

  • Modular component based architecture

  • Service-oriented architecture based on dependency injection

  • High performance by leveraging caching

  • Built in security against the most dangerous security breaches: XSS, CSRF, SQL injection

  • Strong internationalisation support


"I have been deeply engaged in the Symfony community for 10 years. It is a powerful, evolving framework which enables modern development techniques to extend existing PHP applications - maximising re-use and flexibility."

Fabrice Bernhard

Why use Symfony?

Symfony is the leading PHP framework for websites and web applications. 80% of web sites use PHP, and if you're looking for professional PHP development, Symfony allows the development of ambitious, highly scalable web applications in record time.

Symfony is highly interoperable and has contributed components to major web projects including Drupal, PHPBB, Laravel, Magento, Jumla which all use elements of the framework.

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