Methodology matters

Our Lean and DevOps methodology
enables a quick go-to-market strategy.

We are obsessed with increasing efficiency. This means shipping code as early and as regularly as possible, getting user feedback early on and constantly measuring the real-world impact of what we are building.

This allows us to build the product in weeks, not months.

The origins of our methodology

Our framework is inspired by Lean, Scrum and DevOps.

We’ve honed our approach over 10 years of building software for clients, getting involved in the community and being coached by world-class leaders.

Theodo is the first ever software company featured on Planet Lean. We share about how we apply Lean principles to how we work and how you too could get inspiration from the Toyota Production System to improve your product and company.

Jean-Rémi Beaudoin speaking at a conference

We also speak and run workshops at international Lean conferences, sharing our learnings on delivering complex and reliable applications in record time.

Our values


No hiding behind technical language, no surprise delays at the end of projects, no ambiguous expectation setting. Everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal.


Checking in each day to evaluate progress towards the sprint’s goal and identify any problems to resolve. At Theodo, we use physical and digital project boards to give everyone — in or out of office — visibility on progress.


Based on our continuous dialog, we tweak and refine the way we work. We implement feedback quickly in order to maximise the impact of improvements. Projects change. We’re ready!