3D Enterprise Platform

Theodo helps companies unify their 3D initiatives on an end-to-end integrated platform to unlock the true potential of their digital twin efforts by leveraging our expertise of 3D and enterprise systems such as PLMs, DAMs, ERPs and e-commerce platforms.

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Why do you need a 3D Platform?

Customers want more and more product customization and visualization options when making online purchases. Brands also feel the market pressure to reduce the supply chain costs, lead times and carbon footprint of their operations.

3D can provide many answers to this pressure: from CAD engineering to marketing renders to D2C configurators, companies have started digitizing or enriching processes and benefiting from technological advances. Yet these initiatives are often disjointed and end up creating 3D silos at different steps of the lifecycle of a product.

Our Enterprise 3D Expertise

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Do you know where and how 3D is used in the different divisions of your company?
We help you map out and assess the current situation, compare it to market best practices and formulate a global strategy to get more out of your current investments.

Discover what market leaders in industries like fashion, automotive, furniture, retail & others use to modernize their processes and get ahead.

Build an integrated 3D platform

Unify your systems, break siloes and leverage your data through a tailored 3D platform. Our software engineers will build solutions that answers your specific needs, by integrating deeply with your existing systems and building ad hoc tools to maximize the value of your existing processes.

Work can include, for example:

  • Designing and developing custom 3D software for industry-specific applications
  • Extending existing 3D software (Blender, Browzwear, Maya, Unreal, Unity…) to integrate them into your workflows and automate processes
  • Building customer-facing e-commerce 3D solutions, built from open-source technologies or leveraging solutions like Threekit or Emersya
  • Automating image rendering at scale for flexible, low-cost image production

Enterprise 3D Case Studies

News, client stories, and updates on technologies and methods that inspire us!
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