Serverless for MVPs that scale

Serverless empowers our development teams to deliver cloud-native solutions for MVPs that scale.

Why we like Serverless

  • Serverless architectures on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure can scale economically with the growth of a product.
  • Development teams are empowered to deploy next-generation cloud-native technologies without the need for extensive in-house ops
  • Less time is wasted on boilerplate, delivering business value quicker.
  • Fewer bugs, shorter timelines.
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At Theodo we are big proponents of writing our infrastructure as code, saving time and ensuring reproducibility across environments. Serverless ( is our goto framework to build Serverless architectures across cloud providers. This open-source framework has a community actively improving the framework and sharing best practices around Serverless.


Serverless costs and cloud provider free tiers drastically reduce the costs of infrastructure as you test and validate your business. Once established the "pay for what you use" model saves thousands in hosting costs.


Serverless architectures fit perfectly into cloud ecosystems. Advanced AI services, super low latency data storage, edge computing, and event queues can all be used with minimal setup in a Serverless stack.


#LowCode reduces your development costs and exposure to critical bugs. Serverless architectures result in less boilerplate, and ability to flexibility use resources as a service. E.g. AWS Cognito provides user authentication, with Single Sign-On capability out of the box, for Serverless architectures.

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"Serverless empowers my development teams to deliver business value quicker with fewer bugs and more scalability from day one."

Ben Ellerby, VP of Engineering & Serverless Advocate

Serverless MVP

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As our experience of building Serverless has grown we are putting effort into sharing our learnings, not only on or main tech blog but also through a new publication focusing on the topic of building MVPs using Serverless.  Serverless MVP blog.