Why Serverless?

The innovative pay-per-use model of Serverless services means you pay nothing when your applications are not used. Currently ~85% of enterprise server capacity goes to waste, and Serverless can ensure you're not paying for this waste.

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Lower Costs and Easier Integrations

The total cost of ownership of a Serverless architecture is significantly less than traditional approaches. This is not just the reduction in the cost of running servers, it's the reduction operations having to be done internally, with more offloaded to the cloud provider.

The need for provisioning, patching & maintenance tasks is eliminated, allowing more energy to be focused on delivering features to your users.

Serverless architectures integrate easily with SaaS and off-the-shelf solutions to common business requirement such as Authentication, Payment Processing and Notification Systems. This allows your team to focus on your unique business features.

We are partnered with AWS and Serverless Inc. to build state of the art Serverless architectures with our clients, collaborate on new technologies and create cutting-edge content around using Serverless.

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Our Principles for Serverless Success

Working with the Business

We use aspects of domain driven design to conduct workshops designed for converting a new idea or legacy system to a Serverless architecture, working with the domain experts in a business. "EventBridge Storming" forms the basis of our Event-Driven Serverless architectures.

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Everything As Code

Cloud-Native Serverless architectures need to be deployable quickly though rapid CI/CD Pipelines in multiple environments and in some cases across different regions. Our teams start projects with 100% of the infrastructure managed through Infrastructure as Code tools such as the Serverless Framework from day 1.

Observability and Security

Distributed architectures need the right tools. Our teams build with this principle in mind, ensuring the right tools are setup and configured to help you react fast with automated safeguards in place.

"Serverless empowers development teams to deliver business value quicker with fewer bugs and more scalability from day one."

Ben Ellerby, VP Engineering at Theodo & AWS Serverless Hero

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