Serverless and Cloud Migration

The innovative pay-per-use model of Serverless services means you pay nothing when your applications are not used. Currently ~85% of enterprise server capacity goes to waste, and Serverless can ensure you're not paying for this waste.

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Lower Costs and Easier Integrations

Serverless technologies provide a cost-effective and reliable way to develop and deploy applications.

Serverless technologies are built on cloud-native architectures, eliminating the need to buy and maintain for in-house physical servers. With serverless technologies, businesses can get their applications up and running quickly with minimal upfront costs. In addition, serverless technologies enable businesses to scale their applications easily and efficiently, providing the flexibility to meet changing demands.

AWS and Serverless Inc.

We partner with AWS and Serverless Inc. to build state of the art Serverless architectures with our clients, collaborate on new technologies and create cutting-edge content around using Serverless.
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Our Principles for Serverless Success

Working with the Business

We understand that for some of our clients, migrating to the cloud can be daunting.  For that reason, it is our goal to make sure that the business understands the process every step of the way.  All of our developers are client-facing and able to answer questions in order to help with the change management.

Everything As Code

Cloud-Native Serverless architectures need to be deployable quickly though rapid CI/CD Pipelines in multiple environments and in some cases across different regions. Our teams start projects with 100% of the infrastructure managed through Infrastructure as Code tools such as the Serverless Framework from day 1.

Observability and Security

Distributed architectures need the right tools. Our teams build with this principle in mind, ensuring the right tools are setup and configured to help you react fast with automated safeguards in place.

Ben Ellerby

VP Engineering at Theodo & AWS Serverless Hero

"Serverless empowers development teams to deliver business value quicker with fewer bugs and more scalability from day one."
Ben Ellerby

VP Engineering at Theodo & AWS Serverless Hero

Serverless Days Nashville

Come hear Ben share some best practices for keeping your Lambda's secure in areas such as temporary storage, the granularity of Lamba's, IAM policies, observability, API Gateway, and the OWASP Top Ten.

Episode #38: From Digital to Serverless Transformation with Ben Ellerby

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Ben Ellerby about the evolution from digital to serverless transformation, why hands-on experience is important to understanding what serverless actually is, the current problems with complexity, and why you can't be cloud native without embracing some form of lock-in.

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