Scaling Digital Product Creation with the
Theodo Integration Hub

Footwear and Apparel companies are all facing the same challenge in their Digital Product Creation (DPC) process: they have integrated or built different software but lack true end-to-end interoperability between these software.

Our solution: The Theodo Integration Hub, a cloud-native software stitching together the tools in your DPC process, bringing your company closer to end-to-end interoperability.

All fashion companies have already started the journey of digitizing their processes of Product Creation (Digital Product Creation, DPC) and use dozens of software to digitize key steps of the DPC value chain (3D design, PLM, DAM…). However, these different tools aren’t connected together by default, and their levels of connectivity varies.

As a result, most fashion companies or brands have not yet completed the full interconnected digitization of all their DPC processes. They have built “islands of digitization”. All of their departments now use digital tools for most of their activities but these tools do not interface with each-other across departments. They lack interoperability.

Some companies have built integrations between these tools and are in the process of building many more. However, these connectors — either point-to-point integrations or “Enterprise Service Buses” — are unsatisfactory in most cases. They take a long time to implement, and are unstable and very expensive to run and maintain for the following reasons. In a point-to-point implementation:

  • If a system is in high demand, all other systems are going to call it and possibly make it crash, causing the scaling of the whole system to be challenging and risky
  • Downtime in one system can lead to the loss of critical data, or require manual operations to recover it.
  • Inconsistent data models between two systems can create mismatches of available data and a mismatch of vocabulary which can lead to miscommunication between these two systems
  • Each integration has to be coded independently and potentially by different teams. This leads to inconsistent integrations that are hard to maintain, scale and debug.
  • The lead time to get to a satisfying stage of interoperability is very long since each system needs to be integrated to several others.
Diagram representing the point-to-point integration of multiple DPC systems

The lack of end-to-end interoperability leads to imperfect decisions in the DPC process and manual errors and inaccuracies, costing companies millions of dollars each year.

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The Theodo Integration Hub: a custom software integrating the main tools in the DPC process together, getting companies close to end-to-end interoperability.

Although a true end-to-end interoperability between all the digital tools is probably only achievable in theory, and remains more a north star, the Theodo Integration Hub gets companies closer to it and speeds up the digitization of their DPC processes. Additionally, we break down a giant project’s vision into smalls steps to limit the risk and prove ROI at each step: One after the other, each new integration brings true ROI and measurable impacts on the reduction of manual tasks and time saved by DPC teams’ members.

The same systems as above, integrated with the Theodo Integration Hub

The Theodo team combines 3 key elements that lead them to success with fashion companies

1) A strong knowledge of apparel and footwear companies’ DPC processes
2) A deep expertise of cloud-native technologies to build a lightweight and scalable integration hub and
3) A methodology bringing ROI through productivity gains at every step of the process and the Theodo Progressive Migration framework

Our path to success

Audit the current state of integrations between your DPC tools

Build a first integration and immediately show an ROI

Accelerate and build all remaining integrations that bring value

Keep the system flexible for future integrations, unlocking future use cases for innovation

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